Zebra Label Printers cleaning and care routine

Zebra printers is a leading company for mobile, small desktop and high performance label printers. Maintenance of these label printers enables quality labels production and also cut costs on repairs. Consequently, regular cleaning routines of different parts of the printers should be carried out.

The cleaning process of a zebra label printer should begin with its complete shutdown by disconnecting the printer from power source. The printer should be left to cool down before cleaning starts. Cleaning of printers requires supplies of cotton swabs, 70% Isopropyl alcohol and clean lent- free cloths. One may also require a film cleaning kit such as Save-a-Print to be used in the case where the standard clean-up is not successful.

The next step is moistening the lent- free cloth slightly with water. Use the dump cloth to wipe external surface parts of the printer so as to ensure that dirt does not get inside the printer once you open it. Use the cover release button to open the printer. All labels remaining on the printer should be removed. Proceed to wipe the internal parts of the printer using the lent- free moist cloth. The cotton swab should be dipped in the alcohol and excess liquid shaken off. This cotton swab is used to clean crevices and cracks in the printer case.

Use clean alcohol moist cotton to wipe the platen roller by wiping along the lengths of the roller. Roll the platen roller manually while wiping across it in order to ensure that the whole roller is cleaned. Replace the cotton or cloth used as it gets dirty so as to prevent smearing around of residue rather than cleaning it off. Clean softly as hard force can damage the platen roller. Similarly avoid use of sharp objects to remove residue as it will cause permanent damage.

The print head is then cleaned with clean alcohol laced cotton. Use the Save-a-Print head cleaning film if the residue doesn’t come off using cleaning instructions clearly illustrated on the packaging. Contact Zebra representatives if this is not successful or replace parts of the platen roller and print head.

The platen roller and print head should be cleaned after every label rolls printed or when quality of labels is compromised. Failure to regularly clean printers will result to low quality labels and damages requiring high repair costs.

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