Wedding accessories

You have the date set, the perfect gown, the venue, and everything else that is required for a wonderful wedding day, right? Do not forget about the wedding gown accessories! You might have the most endearing dress of all time but the correct accessories can enhance the overall image and make it even more beautiful. Let’s talk wedding accessories!

Wedding accessories

What accessories do you need in order to finish off the total package? Get a pen and paper ready. Remember that this list is created to be as complete as possible but certain styles of dresses do not require certain accessories. Use your fashion sense to find out which of the accessories apply to your type of dress. Another factor that will impact your selection of accessories is the date of the wedding. Winter weddings may necessitate things that a summer wedding will have no need of, like shawls.  You will have to search for the right: shoes, earrings, necklace, gloves, fancy hair clips/ornaments, shawls, garter, lingerie, veils, sashes or belts, clutches or handbags, tiaras, and/or headbands. The rings are an obvious accessory. Other than that, I find the list to be complete, yet it is not rigid. Tweak, add, delete as you see fit!

Shopping online versus regular shopping

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of shopping online or shopping in person. Online shopping is convenient, simple, fast, and you can find incredible discounts or promos. Online stores have thousands upon thousands of options in total. You will find yourself unlimited by geography or time zones. A quick google search for any accessory will produce a tremendous amount of results, allowing you to browse comfortably from diverse sources and pick the best. With so many options, you are bound to encounter incredible discounts and will receive all packages to your front door.

The con of online shopping is not being able to try on or observe the products in real life until after shipment. We have all ordered something expecting a wonderful item and been sorely disappointed afterwards. Frauds and rip offs are rampant but smart shopping can eliminate most risk. Make sure it is a reputable site and try to stick to items with honest sounding reviews.

Physically shopping for your accessories means you get to try before you buy (except perhaps the lingerie). You can visually judge each piece and decide if it will fit with the overall image you desire. Going to specialized wedding stores usually means personal and professional assistance as well. You can make a weekend or two of it with your girlfriends and have a ball while doing a shopping spree. If you look enough, you can also find discounted prices.

What are the cons of going store to store shopping? The main factor is that it is time consuming and you are not guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. The range of selection is more limited than online.

When to start looking

Start as soon as you possibly can! This is the best advice on here. Start at least three months before the wedding, no matter which option you choose. Don’t be afraid to mix the two options for various accessories! This the twenty first century and all the advantages of the era should be taken into consideration.

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