Trash Talking: How To Improve Your Waste Efficiency


When there’s a lot of waste to dispose at home, hiring a skip is a useful option to consider. But there are other ways to prevent the waste from building up. Here are a few tips to help.

Buying-In to the Idea

The benefits of recycling cannot be overemphasized, but a good time to consider that is actually at the buying stage. Considering products before buying would not only save additional costs in the short term, but also reduce the waste generated down the line. For households, planning meals effectively can help stop your food from unexpectedly going bad, effectively reducing your food waste. Although buying food in bulk and using a refrigerator effectively can also help with this.

Hiring a skip usually involves using a lot of empty packaging, for items both large and small. Again selective purchasing can also help reduce this problem easily. Not only does this cut down on waste, but again helps save money. By being savvy with purchases that look like more packaging than product (crisps are a good example of this), a better value for money can be obtained by switching to another brand.

Extending Usefulness

A lot of time and effort can be saved when it comes to skip hire just by changing the way things are used around the household, producing less waste to be disposed. Excess packaging can be further avoided by reusing containers, whether large or small. Tupperware boxes are an excellent choice for preserving school lunches, while plastic bags is another example of things with numerous extra uses.

Using household items economically can help cut down on wastage in many ways. For example, household cleaners and chemicals can make up a significant portion of our waste output. Instead of simply drowning stains or marks in household chemicals, sensible periodic applications can remove the stain with just as much effectiveness, but double the efficiency. This helps reduce the amount of cleaner used, ultimately reducing the waste produced.

Recycling It Forward

Lastly, one of the major reasons for hiring a skip is that of disposing of the larger items, like furniture or electronic waste. But before sending them to the landfill, it is worth knowing that some people might still be interested in them! Second-hand furniture will easily find a new home as long as it’s clean, and neighbors or local community centers are both good places to start. Also, websites like Gumtree and Freecycle also encourage this kind of recycling.

Meanwhile, broken or even utterly destroyed possessions can still find new homes. Electronic equipment can still be salvaged for parts by tech-savvy new owners, and other waste like plastic bottles can be put to new use in art projects or fancy dress costumes. Meanwhile, traditional recycling methods can handle a lot of the remaining potential waste – for example, there are 2.5 billion cans recycled in the UK each year, saving untold amounts of energy and raw materials.

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