Tour Ireland: Less Popular Attractions You May Want To Visit

Do a simple test. On your search engine, type “best places to visit in Ireland”. Names like the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, Dublin, Burren, the Giant’s Causeway, the Glens of Antrim, Killarney National Park, Glendalough, and the like, will pop up post after post. Is this all there is? No, far from it. These are but some of the most popular attraction sites but there exist uncharted waters. Equally scenic and breathtaking but less popular. We will explore some of these ‘hidden’ attractions in Ireland:

  • The Black Valley.

This is the quint essential Garden of Eden. Mountainous terrain, lush vegetation with multiple streams flowing through the land. It’s a suitable spot for fishing, paddling and hiking. Even though it is remote, Cummeenduf (Irish for black valley) is worth the drive. It is situated in Co Kerry, to the south of the Gap of Dunloe.

  • Doolin.

A west coastal fishing village located in Co Clare. Most cruises to the cliffs of Moher and Aran island tours depart from Doolin. Besides, it’s a good spot to get the stunning view of the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren. Doolin is a beautiful natural land. It is known for vibrant traditional Irish music which is commonly performed in bars and pubs. Doolin is a quiet and tranquil town that will allow you take a reflective walk. Rock climbing, sea angling, caving (in Doolin Cave) and hillwalking are other ways you can experience Doolin.

  • Achill Island.

Are you into snorkeling, surfing, mountain hiking and scuba diving? You want to make check out Keem Bay in Achill Island. It is characterized by tall sea cliffs and well-kept beaches. The terrain is mountainous and boggy. Croaghaun Mountains, Europe’s tallest sea cliff is found in the Ireland (688m). From its peak you can have a spectacular vistas view of the surrounding terrain. All in all it is a beautiful place in Co Mayo that will not disappoint.

  • Westport.

It is a town in the west coast of Ireland, Co Mayo. The town is full of life, and has something for everybody. There entertainment joints of all sorts. Attractions in the town include: Rockfleet Castle, Old Head Beach, Croagh Patrick & Campbell’s Pub and Burrishoole Abbey. Popular activities in Westport are: cycling the Great Western Greenway, the 42km trail that links Westport to Achill, zorbing and the pilgrim climbing Croagh Patrick Mountain or a horse ride at the beach.

  • Greystones.

Greystone is a coastal town south of Dublin. Starting as a fishing village, Greystone has now grown into an accomplished town with excellent restaurants and pubs, good shops and splendid beaches making it a good tourist destination. The terrains allow for golfing, gaming (rugby, football, basketball etc.), rowing, cliff walking and fishing activities. This Co Wicklow town is worth a visit.

  • The Swiss Cottage.

Built in 1800 as part of the estate of Lord and Lady Cahir by Richard Butler. Now it is a house museum showcasing nature themed artefacts. This ornamental monument in Co Tipperary is worth inclusion in the itinerary.

The list is not exhaustive. But it is important to check out some of these less popular sites. They offer a good solution to crowding in the popular attraction sites especially during peak seasons. Less crowding often means tranquility. If you desire some quiet peaceful time out, try these lesser known spots. And in case you thought after touring the major sites you have fully exploited Ireland’s beauty now you know well. Come for more thrilling experiences.

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