Top 8 Tips to Find a Better Job

Have you been searching for a job for months or years but no luck? Read through the top 25 effective tips for a successful job hunt. It’s advisable to begin with basic soul searching, consider networking creatively, and investigate the prospective companies.

Here are 25 tips to help you get a better job.

  1. Figure out your skill set and talents

Job hunting process takes back to ‘square one’ and offers you an opportunity to figure out your skills, talents, the knowledge you have acquired and what you intend to do.  Identifying your transferable, functional skills allows you to understand the basic building blocks of your dream job.

  1. Send job applications directly to employers

Select employers that impress you most, probably from yellow pages, web listings, newspaper ads, and more. Obtain their addresses, craft excellent job applications, attach your resume, and send them to the employers directly.

  1. Consider searching the hidden job market

The so called hidden job market is simply networking. Note that every time you make contact with someone, the chances are that they will introduce you to someone else or even the job you’re looking for. Utilize the power of networking with your friends and other people in your contact list to land your dream job.

  1. Ask for leads from your mentors, professors, or even an old teacher

Is there anyone else who knows your abilities, dedication, and discipline better than your professor who had the opportunity to mentor you in school? Note that many people get jobs through referrals from people who knows them. Your mentor or professor or even your teacher is an audience you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Spend more time on hunting jobs

Looking for a job is a job on its own. Therefore, you should treat your job (job hunting) the way you would treat a real job. Spend at least 30 hours or even 40 hours each week looking for a job. Doing so will significantly reduce the time you would have otherwise taken to get a job.

While spending more time looking for a job sounds tedious, at the end, you will enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

  1. Focus on startups when looking for a job

Startups and small companies feature more new jobs Kilkenny as compared to giant business organizations. While the big employers are more visible, popular, and aggressively in search for competent workers, it is with the medium-sized businesses and small organizations that you might have the perfect chance of success in getting a job.

Besides, pay close attention to organizations that are rapidly expanding as they are easier to approach, contact, and the chances of being screened out are low.

  1. Get prepared for phone interviews

Have you ever realized that more than 50% of prospective candidates get disqualified after the very first phone call with an employer? With the convenience of internet and the packed day for employers, most people prefer phone interviews or even skype interviews. Remember, the first impression is important and requires you to always be prepared for an interview over the phone.

  1. Organize your job hunt campaigns

Failing to plan for job hunt is a common flaw in most people looking for jobs out there. Plan and organize your job search strategy, set up a base or operations center for your job search activities, and prepare the necessary materials

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