The planning process of building a kitchen

So you want to build a kitchen? Maybe you have read about it on the internet or seen DIY projects that make it look easy. Before you get your tools out and start chopping away at your current kitchen, you should continue reading. It is imperative that you do some planning first. A kitchen spontaneously built is a headache at best and a ruined one at worst.

Family discussion time

Reunite with the family household and discuss how and when you use the kitchen. What needs can you guys name at the top of your head? Maybe it needs more space or more storage places. Is it easy to maneuver when more than one person is in the kitchen? Are countertops and storage spaces conveniently placed or do you find yourself reaching over constantly? Be honest about all observations, complaints, ideas, etc. Where will family cooking and dining occur while the kitchen is being remodeled? Expect a downtime of approximately 2-3 months so it is important to discuss this particular detail. You could use this as an excuse to dine out more.

Creating a scrapbook of ideas

Your family and you can begin a small scrapbook project to brainstorm possible kitchen layout and designs. Look to magazines and internet research. Don’t be afraid to go to home exhibitions to look at kitchen displays. You can get amazing and modern ideas from windowing shopping alone. If you are stumped or have no idea where to start, you can always try getting an expert opinion on possible choices. Hiring a professional will in most cases always is necessary anyway unless you have prior experience. Consider all your options and then elaborate a footprint of your kitchen Ireland floor from a horizontal standpoint.

Vertical view

After the horizontal standpoint, comes the vertical view. Your kitchen space is three dimensional, which means that you will need to consider all viewpoints. A proper kitchen will envelop the whole room in such a way that it emits harmony and pleasantness to the observer. All these design and construction issues should be handled by a professional if you have no expertise in the area. They are the best candidates to guide you in this difficult and tedious decision making phase. You are starting from scratch so you can customize certain aspects to fit your needs and should take full advantage of that fact. The kitchen contractor/planner will advise you on all technical specifications necessary. Be prepared for a slight headache when choosing a design motif! There will be an infinite amount of options in all the colors you can imagine.

It’s not over yet

Don’t think you are getting off the hook after completing the above steps. You are barely starting! There are many more categories to discuss, plan, and decide upon such as: appliances, backsplashes, lighting, wall finish, hardware, flooring, art work, construction material, plumbing, moldings, size/quantity of storage places, color schemes, etc.

The more effort you put into the “boring” and tedious part of having a new kitchen, the better your chances of having the kitchen of your dreams built. Make it a family taking decision to involve the whole household and enjoy the ride. The process of planning, construction of the kitchen, and having the final product finished is a wonderful learning experience. After all the collaborated effort and hard work you and your family will be greatly satisfied with the end result.

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