Tangle free and color coded Cat 5/Cat 5e cable

Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables are commonly used for networking purposes. Cat 5 is short for Category 5 and is routinely used in LAN and Ethernet connections. It employs a twisted pair design and can be found in telephony, data transmission, and computer networks. Remember that Cat 5 cables can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to their polyethylene casing.

They have a capacity of up to 100MHz and are suitable for most general jobs. Category 5 and Category 5e have slight variations but it is well known that Cat 5e has superseded the Cat 5. If you are looking to install a brand new network system, go for the Cat 5e or you can even ask about the newer Category 6 cabling system.

How Category 5 and Category 5e networking cable is sold

The cable is sold in 305 meter reels to avoid tangling during installation or repair. If the reel was any longer, it can get knotted, leading to poor communication and transmission of the computer network system in your locale.

Even the cardboard box is well thought out and facilitates the installation and repair process. The reel is situated inside the box that doubles as a dispenser permitting easy and quick pulling of the CAT5 cable by the computer technician. The ability to unroll and easily cut the Cat 5/Cat 5e cable leads to decreased installation time, which in turn, means less money exiting your wallet.

The benefits of color coded Cat 5/Cat 5e cabling systems

You can place bulk orders for different colored Cat 5/Cat 5e cables that will allow quick identification of wires. This method is extremely beneficial for large networks and may even allow for easy corrections over the telephone instead of the need to call in a computer technician. Make sure to adequately label each color in order to recall which wires go where; this is valuable information that any computer technician will need to hear promptly. Faulty wiring is a common issue that causes computer problems, costing your business precious time and money. With color coded wiring, accidental defective wiring is almost impossible, ensuring an up and running system.

Technicians will also appreciate the color coded Category 5/Category 5e cabling because it will make their job simpler, quicker, and even pleasant. The problem will be found and resolved faster than if they had to work with regular non-coded cabling. Once the issue is detected, they can go straight to the source and fix it thanks to the color coded networking system employed. This in turn will save you, business owner, on time costs from technicians once again. Most computer network technicians charge a basic hiring fee that increases by the hour. Avoiding time consuming repairs and minimizing computer downtime in the office will be financially favorable for your company overall, so consider installing a color coded Category 5/Category 5e network cabling system. Cost of colored Cat 5/Cat 5e cable is slightly higher but it is a great and noteworthy investment!

The company where you are purchasing bulk Category 5/Category 5e reels should be able to show you any and all performed tests on the wires you buy. It is also expected that they offer a free consultation to ensure proper installation of the cable.

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