Implementing the triangle theory in order to plan a good festival

Festivals are very popular in communities. They are planned so they can provide entertainment to the community and to serve as marketing for local or national businesses. They can be planned around specific dates that the community celebrates or that the whole country celebrates; it is very popular to hear of fall and spring festivals for example. An example of local culture that allows a festival or two to emerge is the Catfish Festival celebrated in a community in South Carolina (coastal living allows for the celebration of this particular marine life). Any festival can be a good festival if the triangle theory is used.

So what is this famous triangle theory? It’s a festival success outline with three major layers: 1) the combined efforts behind the festival, 2) the content, and 3) the propaganda given. Each one is essential for the overall success of the festival. Let’s discuss each layer a bit more so your community may plan the greatest and most memorable festival of the year!

Layer one: the efforts behind the festival

This is the first layer because it plays a role in the planning stage. An important question to answer while planning the festival is the following, what is the reason & purpose for the festival? The answer will reveal the effort that will be required. It is common sense that there should be an event group that is responsible for the planning and execution of said festival. It is not a one-man job. When possible, ask for local government assistance. The government can offer larger efforts than a group of locals, economically speaking. Also, look for private and local investors. The group must be motivated, creative, and charismatic in order to ensure proper effort is fed into the project. Don’t think it’s over though! That effort must have proper results; it’s time for layer two.

Layer two: the content

The content is everything that visitors will be able to participate in and see. This includes all booths, attractions, games, etc. The type of content should be consistent with the theme of the festival; it is the most important factor to consider when planning the content. Other factors to consider is if the content is interesting, new, and fun. Try to picture the overall image visitors will go home with after spending a day in the festival and pick the corresponding content. Remember that a festival is a celebration and therefore, it should be fun!

Layer three: the propaganda

Marketing is essential and your planning group cannot cut costs in this area. It is as important as the other two layers. Marketing contributes to a higher crowd due to curiosity and hooks by adequate propaganda campaigns. It is important to look for assistance through the core participants of the festival content (like local businesses). You can do all of the following and more, creativity is the limit: post flyers, announce on radio stations, spread by word of mouth, publicize in the local newspapers, have an ad or two showed in local programming, etc. Do not wait until the last moment to start advertising the event. Let the buildup occur but also don’t exaggerate in the time. A month or two maximum will be perfect to begin marketing for the event.

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