4 main types of recruitment agencies

There are 4 different kinds of recruitment agencies that job seekers should know about.

  1. Temp Agencies.

Temp agencies hire people who are looking for temporary opportunities in companies.

Companies look for ‘temp staff’ during specific periods or seasons when they get busy or when they are understaffed due to employee absenteeism as a result of sickness or leave. Technology companies require extra staff on a temporary basis when they need to complete a project urgently.

If you are interested in temp jobs, predefine the length of each job so that you may secure jobs consistently. Temp hire are sometimes paid higher and they enjoy flexibility. The agency pays the benefits and wages.

Some temp hires get hired permanently after sometime.

  1. Traditional Recruitment Agencies.

The agencies only get paid when a company hires one of the employees put forward by the agency.  Their services are in form of a contingency service.

The agency has a replacement and rebate scheme with the employer. The scheme dictates that, if an employee employed though the agency leaves the company after a specific period of time, the agency is required to replace with another employee for free or to refund the money paid for the recruitment of the employee.

The agencies ensure that they find the right potential employee and they spend time supporting them to get the job.

Their support comes in terms of resources, over the phone interviews and even helps the candidate to apply for the jobs.  Both the agency and employee rely on each other to earn so they maintain a close relationship.

  1. Executive Search Agencies

This is for positions at the top on the market. The executives receive high pay and the competition for such jobs is very high.

Agencies provide a ‘retained recruitment’ type of service. The client pays a non-refundable amount to ‘retain’ the agency which is the recruiter.

The amount paid is high and it might begin with an initial upfront fee then the rest is divided into installments.

The agency conducts a head-hunting kind of activity and other effective activities though time consuming. You therefore need to approach an agency. The agency will work hard to secure the job for you and they will also work on getting you other roles that suit you. In most cases, executive agencies approach you.

  1. Niche/Specialist Agencies.

High specialized areas such as digital marketing, management and electronics amongst others require very skilled workers.  Fortunately, there are niche agencies that help such companies to hire employees either on temporary, retained recruitment or contingency basis.

The agencies develop relationship with companies operating in their niche.

Their experience in the recruitment process and interview for the specific niche positions them as the best people to advise you in landing the job. They can help you perform well in the interview and also help you to improve your CV. In most cases, the agencies are stricter when interviewing you more than the normal recruiter.

The services provided by the agencies favor people looking for work in a specific field.


Of the four agencies, a traditional agency is the best to approach. Visit their website and apply for jobs available. You can also call their consultant after applying for the job as a follow up.  The job agencies Dublin keep your file and contact and they alert you when any vacancy appears. Even though they have your contact, check their website every so often in case there is a job you might like because they can forget to alert you about the job.

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