4 main types of recruitment agencies

There are 4 different kinds of recruitment agencies that job seekers should know about.

  1. Temp Agencies.

Temp agencies hire people who are looking for temporary opportunities in companies.

Companies look for ‘temp staff’ during specific periods or seasons when they get busy or when they are understaffed due to employee absenteeism as a result of sickness or leave. Technology companies require extra staff on a temporary basis when they need to complete a project urgently.

If you are interested in temp jobs, predefine the length of each job so that you may secure jobs consistently. Temp hire are sometimes paid higher and they enjoy flexibility. The agency pays the benefits and wages.

Some temp hires get hired permanently after sometime.

  1. Traditional Recruitment Agencies.

The agencies only get paid when a company hires one of the employees put forward by the agency.  Their services are in form of a contingency service.

The agency has a replacement and rebate scheme with the employer. The scheme dictates that, if an employee employed though the agency leaves the company after a specific period of time, the agency is required to replace with another employee for free or to refund the money paid for the recruitment of the employee.

The agencies ensure that they find the right potential employee and they spend time supporting them to get the job.

Their support comes in terms of resources, over the phone interviews and even helps the candidate to apply for the jobs.  Both the agency and employee rely on each other to earn so they maintain a close relationship.

  1. Executive Search Agencies

This is for positions at the top on the market. The executives receive high pay and the competition for such jobs is very high.

Agencies provide a ‘retained recruitment’ type of service. The client pays a non-refundable amount to ‘retain’ the agency which is the recruiter.

The amount paid is high and it might begin with an initial upfront fee then the rest is divided into installments.

The agency conducts a head-hunting kind of activity and other effective activities though time consuming. You therefore need to approach an agency. The agency will work hard to secure the job for you and they will also work on getting you other roles that suit you. In most cases, executive agencies approach you.

  1. Niche/Specialist Agencies.

High specialized areas such as digital marketing, management and electronics amongst others require very skilled workers.  Fortunately, there are niche agencies that help such companies to hire employees either on temporary, retained recruitment or contingency basis.

The agencies develop relationship with companies operating in their niche.

Their experience in the recruitment process and interview for the specific niche positions them as the best people to advise you in landing the job. They can help you perform well in the interview and also help you to improve your CV. In most cases, the agencies are stricter when interviewing you more than the normal recruiter.

The services provided by the agencies favor people looking for work in a specific field.


Of the four agencies, a traditional agency is the best to approach. Visit their website and apply for jobs available. You can also call their consultant after applying for the job as a follow up.  The job agencies Dublin keep your file and contact and they alert you when any vacancy appears. Even though they have your contact, check their website every so often in case there is a job you might like because they can forget to alert you about the job.

8 Guiding Principles in Creating a Non-Executive Director Profile

Only people who have advanced in their career tracks are qualified for non-executive director jobs. Before one can qualify for the role, they have to work on their experience in leadership and management, credentials and qualifications. Unfortunately, you may spend many years working on the credentials and still not have enough experience for the job. If you want to get a non-executive job, here are some tips that you can apply in your profile.

  1. Determine the person who you are targeting to read your prepared profile

As you place your profile out there, you are expecting to get a job but not an ordinary executive job. The requirements for the job are different.

  1. Highlight your wisdom and experience

In addition to experience, make sure you include the roles that you have held in different organizations with different accountabilities and responsibilities. Since wisdom is intangible, look for a way to show what you know and unique aspects that you can bring to the role.

  1. State why you think you are important

Non-executive directors are important for their depth of knowledge and experience.  Think about what you believe will mean the most to the people who want to hire you as their non-executive director.

  1. Talk about the range your responsibilities

Show off how you have involved yourself in fiduciary, legal, risk and health and safety related accountabilities and responsibilities. It is expected that at some point, you have been in charge of one area or more during your career.

  1. Include relevant extra-curriculum activities

Highlight any involvement that you might have had in regulatory work, driving standards or professional associations against a guiding framework as they are important for your non-executive role.

  1. Remember you want the nonexecutive role

Non-executive director’s role is different from the ordinary executive role. The non-executive carries a heavy weight but they are not responsible for executive duties in the company. So, think about duties or activities that were above your daily job requirements. Activities like mentoring junior colleagues, representing your company in external community activities or any involvement in professional associations. These activities represent activities, interests and capacity that you did but you did not expect payment for them even though you did them at your work place.

  1. Prove that you can reason differently on various issues

For you to appear to be a balanced candidate, make sure you prove you have interest in various organizational works and that you are curious and have capacity for different perspectives. For example, have you uploaded your profile on LinkedIn or you prefer traditional Curriculum Vitae? What are your biases?

It is alright for you to have a traditional CV but times have changed even as you desire to change your role. Today, LinkedIn is one of the largest Global labor market. People who want to parade their professional intentions can use the platform as it is visible and many people use it.  Make sure you check out the different profiles for various markets and audiences in the platform.

  1. Choose your references carefully

There are many ways to use references on LinkedIn. You can either use quotes from endorsers, recommenders or referees or, you can use your endorsements to build your profile.

Even if you have experience, wisdom and skills, applying for a non-executive role may still be a new thing. You therefore need to be tactful, thoughtful and sophisticated in the way that you present yourself.

Wedding Photography – 4 Explicit Styles And Methods

Every photographic artist has his or her own flair for capturing pictures. After numerous times of shooting, obviously, you can narrow the different procedures and methodologies into various style classes. I have limited it down to four diverse common organizations of wedding photography that we cover.

We are totally and completely open to shooting everyone and enable the couple to pick which style best speaks to their identity and individual energy!

1. The Wedding Photojournalism

A wedding photojournalistic stylishness of photography includes the photographer not being intricate much as possible. The story is voiced however the photos and accentuation are taken off of the run of the mill postured and arranged pictures. In any case, the photographs we catch put the onlooker ideal in the blend of what is happening. We catch regular minutes that occur in all actuality without the run of the mill setting up and representing a photo.

With this style of photography, we see ourselves as to be “photographic storytellers,” managing the watcher through the “story” of your big day. This is our decision configuration of wedding photography. We really appreciate finding those distinct snapshots of importance that regularly go by too rapidly and catching them inside our focal point.

2. Customary Wedding Photography

Nothing like the wedding photojournalistic style, this kind of photography has many contributions from the photographer. A large number of the portraits are set up and postured, consolidating a more conventional way to deal with wedding pictures. The wedding photographer becomes kind of a director, controlling the wedding gathering and visitors into developments and postures for photographs.

3. Fashionable Wedding Photography

This style of wedding photography seems to be accurate with its name – it is centered on the component of the design. Ladies who ask for design wedding photographs to be taken frequently book studio time outside of a typical wedding day shoot. This enables the photographer to design out a session joining extra lighting and imaginative systems.

Performing a fashion wedding shoot in studio likewise permits the lady of the hour more opportunity in moving into normal fashion postures, (for example, the hands on the hips, slouched back stance) matched with a more genuine and “design like” outward appearance. The two ladies and grooms ask for this style of wedding photography to add something else and emotional to their wedding photograph collection.

4. Trashing The Dress Wedding Photography

Trashing is identical to its label which means the “dirtying” of the bridal wedding gown. This style of wedding photography is additionally called “fearless marriage” or “rock the frock.” Ordinarily, ladies pick this subsequent to everything is said and done to offer an innovative other option to put away their wedding dress that they will never put on again.

A lady can wander out to a shoreline or a wellspring, take pictures in city boulevards or on railways, in deserted structures or fields, or even gets muddied up in the forested areas. Intermittently, ladies feel that this encourages them to discharge the profound strain from the wedding. It can be a lady’s statement that the wedding is done and the dress will never be worn again, so for what reason why not be innovative and creative with it?

Guide to dog food

When it comes to feeding your family, you look for the best and freshest ingredients. Feeding your family pet should be no different but the choices are just as large. Are the expensive brands worth the extra money? Are there healthier, economic options for your pet? Considering your dog will live with you for many years, it is important to decide on a supplement meal that is nutritionally balanced for your pup and financially reachable for your wallet. Here is our quick guide to picking your pet’s dog food.

Dry dog food

Dry grain free dog food is usually the most commercially known and available dog food source, and can also be the most economical. That being said it is also one of the most convenient food types because it requires no specific storage methods like refrigeration. Having dry food prevents tartar buildup in your pet’s teeth, which means a healthier mouth. The specific dry food you should get is now the issue. You need to read the list of ingredients on the bags. The first ingredient mentioned should always be some kind of meat: chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, etc. If it is not the first, it should definitely be the second or stay away from that brand. The second or third ingredient should also read chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef “by-product”. This will ensure proper intake of protein for your dog. Protein is essential for their health.

Canned dog food

Many dogs enjoy the taste of canned dog food but there are important things to know as the owner. Canned food is typically water (sometimes up to 75%) and high water content means less nutrition for your dog. You will have to buy 100% nutritionally complete cans. This type of dog food is more expensive than dry food but also entails no storage hardships. Most canned foods are higher in calories, which can be a bad thing for those lazy dogs.

Semi-moist dog food

This type of food should not be used as a steady diet but as treats instead. They are usually shaped like a burger or pork chop and though tasty for your pet, they offer few nutritional benefits. The majority are made with high amounts of artificial colors or preservatives.

Homemade dog food

Home-cooked dog food is for those who can spend a lot of money and time cooking daily meals. This option requires knowing what nutrients your dog needs and from where he can obtain them. It is a time consuming task because your dog will require more than one meal. This type of food should only be used for owners with plenty of time and plenty of money. The benefits are that you know exactly what you are feeding your pet and meeting his nutritional needs personally.

Raw dog food

Raw dog food means raw meat. The meat is usually mixed with organs and bones. The bones should never be cooked or else they lose their natural source of phosphorus and calcium. This type of food is also easy, convenient, and nutritional. It can also be less expensive depending on where you live and your access to meat supplies. All dogs are equipped to eat this type of food.

No matter which type of dog food you choose, and you can always mix it up, it is important to take your pet to the vet to ensure they are getting all the necessary nutrients.

Dog Care: Nitty-gritty to recognize when caring for a dog

If you have the privilege of owning a dog, you know the dedication it takes to administer to one, but, in case you’re new to owning a pooch, it’s critical to see all that goes into essential dog care. Tending to a puppy is the most satisfying experiences there is and while it’s not bothersome, there are various things to remember as a primary concern with regards to watching over your doggie.


Great nutrition is fundamental for all pooches at any age. Puppies require littler dinners around 4 times each day however as the puppy gets older, this number can be lessened until the point when the pooch achieves the one-year point. For medium to extensively measured pooches, encouraging two smaller dinners that are uniformly divided for the duration of the day is commonly best particularly if that they are inclined to bloating. Evade feeding your doggie a great deal of “human meals.”


Much the same as individuals, doggies benefit from consistent exercise. It encourages them to keep up a healthful weight and alleviates fatigue which can prompt damaging practices. A work out keeps your doggy fit both physically and rationally. The particular needs can shift in the view of the age and size of your pooch, and brachycephalic puppies, doggies with pushed in noses, performs well with shorter, more regular strolls for the duration of the day.


Prepping is an imperative piece of fundamental puppy care. A respectable and experienced doggie groomer is dependably an extraordinary choice, however, if cost is an issue, at that point, do-it-without anyone else’s help prepping is an awesome choice as well. If your puppy has longer hair then consistent brushing is critical to keep their coats gleaming and to diminish shedding. It’s vital to check for bugs and ticks routinely.

Vet Care

If you own a doggie, he will require normal vet visits in his first year of life. Once your puppy achieves adulthood, a yearly vet visit is essential to keep inoculations current. Supposing the dog looks unwell, call your vet expeditiously and never give your pooch any prescription unless it has been recommended by your vet. If you suspect that your pooch has bugs, consult your vet for their prescribed insect treatment.

Sterilizing & Neutering

Spay your female dogs and neuter male dogs by at least six months of age.

Licensing & Identification

Ensure that your pooch’s permit is appended to his neckline and that his collar is on consistently, particularly in the event that you are far from home.  You can request your vet to embed a microchip simply under their skin to identify the dog. Many lost doggies get back to their legitimate owners on account of the microchip.

Tidying up after your puppy

Ensure that the territory where your dog stays is cleaned all the time. Pooches are in reality clean creatures and, much the same as individuals, value a spotless zone in which to live.

Dog Supply List

Lastly, here’s list of items to ensure your puppy has all that he needs.

  • First-rate meals and treats
  • Food and water dish: Royal Canin Ireland
  • Toy
  • Brush and comb for fixing up, toothbrush
  • Collar, ID label, Leash
  • Crate
  • Doggie Bed

All You Need To Know About Aran Sweaters

Also called fisherman’s sweater or Irish sweater, the Aran Irish sweater is a classy and stylish sweater worn all over the world. It’s popular with all, females and males, the young and the old, the celebrities and ordinary folks alike. It combines the traditional Irish stitch and up-to-the-minute design giving it a unique finish, a stunning look like no other.

The fame of the Aran sweaters has grown far much beyond the island they are named after. The sweaters take their name from the region of their origin. The Aran Islands are located on the west coast of Ireland.

The exact time the earliest sweater was designed is not precisely known but it was meant for the fishermen. The Irish women would knit the sweater out of thick sheep wool to keep their husbands warm during their fishing trips.

The sweaters were popular with the fishermen as they had some water resisting capacity. Lanolin, a sticky waxy substance secreted by sheep and contained in the wool, ensured the fishermen were not only warm but dry.

The unmistakable complex stitch patterns is the hallmark of Aran sweaters. To a normal eye, the patterns are nothing but beautifiers. With an informed eye, you can unravel the meaning behind the symbolic patterns. Generally, the stitches talk of luck, strength, health, family, success, hope and wealth.

Specifically, the honeycomb symbolizes the virtue of hard work. The cable a symbol of good luck, the basket success/ plenty catch and the diamond points to wealth. If you take it at face value, you will miss all these significant hidden meanings treasured in the patterns of the Aran sweaters.

Little was known about these sweaters until mid-last century. In 1940’s, knit patterns were for the first time published. By 1950’s some of the articles found their way to the Vogue, an American fashion and lifestyle magazine. This granted the sweaters a world-wide publicity.

The result was obvious, an explosion of demand for the markets outside Ireland. The Aran sweaters were readily embraced by celebrities further fanning its popularity. By 1960’s the definition of cool was one adorned in an Aran sweater. The timeless sweaters continue to rock to date.

The original sweaters were made from pure untreated, unwashed and undyed 100% sheep wool, and were predominantly cream in color. The sweaters were thick and very warm though they had some scratchy uncomfortable feel. It’s very hard to find such original sweaters today.

Today’s fabric used to make the Aran sweaters has been altered a bit. The wool is blended with silk, cotton or linen. Though this achieves some degree of softness, it make the fabric weaker and less durable. The fabric is also dyed to give a large variety of colors. Lanolin is removed hence the modern sweaters lacks the water resisting feature.

Basically, Aran sweaters are made in three ways. The best quality, most unique designs and equally the most expensive Aran sweaters are hand-made. The hand loomed sweaters combine both human input and machine input to give great designs but do not match the quality of hand-made sweaters. The machine made sweaters cheap and are of a lower quality than the sweaters made using the first two methods.

The Aran sweaters come in many designs. Some are gender neutral while other designs are gender specific. The sweaters come in various styles and designs hence they can be worn all year round not during winter only.