Wedding accessories

You have the date set, the perfect gown, the venue, and everything else that is required for a wonderful wedding day, right? Do not forget about the wedding gown accessories! You might have the most endearing dress of all time but the correct accessories can enhance the overall image and make it even more beautiful. Let’s talk wedding accessories!

Wedding accessories

What accessories do you need in order to finish off the total package? Get a pen and paper ready. Remember that this list is created to be as complete as possible but certain styles of dresses do not require certain accessories. Use your fashion sense to find out which of the accessories apply to your type of dress. Another factor that will impact your selection of accessories is the date of the wedding. Winter weddings may necessitate things that a summer wedding will have no need of, like shawls.  You will have to search for the right: shoes, earrings, necklace, gloves, fancy hair clips/ornaments, shawls, garter, lingerie, veils, sashes or belts, clutches or handbags, tiaras, and/or headbands. The rings are an obvious accessory. Other than that, I find the list to be complete, yet it is not rigid. Tweak, add, delete as you see fit!

Shopping online versus regular shopping

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of shopping online or shopping in person. Online shopping is convenient, simple, fast, and you can find incredible discounts or promos. Online stores have thousands upon thousands of options in total. You will find yourself unlimited by geography or time zones. A quick google search for any accessory will produce a tremendous amount of results, allowing you to browse comfortably from diverse sources and pick the best. With so many options, you are bound to encounter incredible discounts and will receive all packages to your front door.

The con of online shopping is not being able to try on or observe the products in real life until after shipment. We have all ordered something expecting a wonderful item and been sorely disappointed afterwards. Frauds and rip offs are rampant but smart shopping can eliminate most risk. Make sure it is a reputable site and try to stick to items with honest sounding reviews.

Physically shopping for your accessories means you get to try before you buy (except perhaps the lingerie). You can visually judge each piece and decide if it will fit with the overall image you desire. Going to specialized wedding stores usually means personal and professional assistance as well. You can make a weekend or two of it with your girlfriends and have a ball while doing a shopping spree. If you look enough, you can also find discounted prices.

What are the cons of going store to store shopping? The main factor is that it is time consuming and you are not guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. The range of selection is more limited than online.

When to start looking

Start as soon as you possibly can! This is the best advice on here. Start at least three months before the wedding, no matter which option you choose. Don’t be afraid to mix the two options for various accessories! This the twenty first century and all the advantages of the era should be taken into consideration.

The planning process of building a kitchen

So you want to build a kitchen? Maybe you have read about it on the internet or seen DIY projects that make it look easy. Before you get your tools out and start chopping away at your current kitchen, you should continue reading. It is imperative that you do some planning first. A kitchen spontaneously built is a headache at best and a ruined one at worst.

Family discussion time

Reunite with the family household and discuss how and when you use the kitchen. What needs can you guys name at the top of your head? Maybe it needs more space or more storage places. Is it easy to maneuver when more than one person is in the kitchen? Are countertops and storage spaces conveniently placed or do you find yourself reaching over constantly? Be honest about all observations, complaints, ideas, etc. Where will family cooking and dining occur while the kitchen is being remodeled? Expect a downtime of approximately 2-3 months so it is important to discuss this particular detail. You could use this as an excuse to dine out more.

Creating a scrapbook of ideas

Your family and you can begin a small scrapbook project to brainstorm possible kitchen layout and designs. Look to magazines and internet research. Don’t be afraid to go to home exhibitions to look at kitchen displays. You can get amazing and modern ideas from windowing shopping alone. If you are stumped or have no idea where to start, you can always try getting an expert opinion on possible choices. Hiring a professional will in most cases always is necessary anyway unless you have prior experience. Consider all your options and then elaborate a footprint of your kitchen Ireland floor from a horizontal standpoint.

Vertical view

After the horizontal standpoint, comes the vertical view. Your kitchen space is three dimensional, which means that you will need to consider all viewpoints. A proper kitchen will envelop the whole room in such a way that it emits harmony and pleasantness to the observer. All these design and construction issues should be handled by a professional if you have no expertise in the area. They are the best candidates to guide you in this difficult and tedious decision making phase. You are starting from scratch so you can customize certain aspects to fit your needs and should take full advantage of that fact. The kitchen contractor/planner will advise you on all technical specifications necessary. Be prepared for a slight headache when choosing a design motif! There will be an infinite amount of options in all the colors you can imagine.

It’s not over yet

Don’t think you are getting off the hook after completing the above steps. You are barely starting! There are many more categories to discuss, plan, and decide upon such as: appliances, backsplashes, lighting, wall finish, hardware, flooring, art work, construction material, plumbing, moldings, size/quantity of storage places, color schemes, etc.

The more effort you put into the “boring” and tedious part of having a new kitchen, the better your chances of having the kitchen of your dreams built. Make it a family taking decision to involve the whole household and enjoy the ride. The process of planning, construction of the kitchen, and having the final product finished is a wonderful learning experience. After all the collaborated effort and hard work you and your family will be greatly satisfied with the end result.

Implementing the triangle theory in order to plan a good festival

Festivals are very popular in communities. They are planned so they can provide entertainment to the community and to serve as marketing for local or national businesses. They can be planned around specific dates that the community celebrates or that the whole country celebrates; it is very popular to hear of fall and spring festivals for example. An example of local culture that allows a festival or two to emerge is the Catfish Festival celebrated in a community in South Carolina (coastal living allows for the celebration of this particular marine life). Any festival can be a good festival if the triangle theory is used.

So what is this famous triangle theory? It’s a festival success outline with three major layers: 1) the combined efforts behind the festival, 2) the content, and 3) the propaganda given. Each one is essential for the overall success of the festival. Let’s discuss each layer a bit more so your community may plan the greatest and most memorable festival of the year!

Layer one: the efforts behind the festival

This is the first layer because it plays a role in the planning stage. An important question to answer while planning the festival is the following, what is the reason & purpose for the festival? The answer will reveal the effort that will be required. It is common sense that there should be an event group that is responsible for the planning and execution of said festival. It is not a one-man job. When possible, ask for local government assistance. The government can offer larger efforts than a group of locals, economically speaking. Also, look for private and local investors. The group must be motivated, creative, and charismatic in order to ensure proper effort is fed into the project. Don’t think it’s over though! That effort must have proper results; it’s time for layer two.

Layer two: the content

The content is everything that visitors will be able to participate in and see. This includes all booths, attractions, games, etc. The type of content should be consistent with the theme of the festival; it is the most important factor to consider when planning the content. Other factors to consider is if the content is interesting, new, and fun. Try to picture the overall image visitors will go home with after spending a day in the festival and pick the corresponding content. Remember that a festival is a celebration and therefore, it should be fun!

Layer three: the propaganda

Marketing is essential and your planning group cannot cut costs in this area. It is as important as the other two layers. Marketing contributes to a higher crowd due to curiosity and hooks by adequate propaganda campaigns. It is important to look for assistance through the core participants of the festival content (like local businesses). You can do all of the following and more, creativity is the limit: post flyers, announce on radio stations, spread by word of mouth, publicize in the local newspapers, have an ad or two showed in local programming, etc. Do not wait until the last moment to start advertising the event. Let the buildup occur but also don’t exaggerate in the time. A month or two maximum will be perfect to begin marketing for the event.

Travel Ideas: Must Dos in Ireland

Ireland is a hotbed of tourism. Its beautiful natural features have been the magnet that has attracted visitors year after year. The natural attractions are so diverse, literally, there is something for everybody. Among many other things, these are a must do during a vacation in Ireland:

Make a stop-over at Dublin.

A tour to Ireland would be incomplete without a visit to its capital. Dublin is your quint essential commercial center. Cosmopolitan, excellent infrastructure & amenities and full of life. Apart from the usual city dynamics, it has beautiful spots to visit. Inclusive of: The National Museum of Ireland, Dublin Castle, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Phoenix and St Stephen’s Green Parks. That is Dublin for you.

Visit the castles.

Ireland is strewn with castles and monuments. These are the historic buildings that were long ago built or occupied by iconic individuals regarded highly in society. The Blarney Castle (and the sensational kissing of the Blarney Stone) in Co Cork, Muckross House and Gardens, Ross Castle in Killarney. Bunratty Castle and O’Brien’s Tower in Co Clare. King John’s Castle in Limerick, Trim Castle in Co Meath, Leap Castle in Clareen and Carrickfurgus Castle in Northern Ireland. Listed above are some of these castle. These intriguing sites will for sure amaze you.

Play Golf.

Golfing spirit is high in Ireland. Golf courses are many, both in the cities and in the other counties towards the Atlantic coast. Within the outskirts of Dublin alone are more than fifty golf courses. Golfers can enjoy the game as they experience the breathtaking scenery of this land of beauty.

Visit the Cliffs of Moher.

The cliffs are one of Ireland’s finest, attracting over a million visitors each year. A very beautiful spot you can’t get enough of. The mighty cliffs tower 700ft (214m) high and run 5miles (8km) from near Doolin to Hags Head in Co Clare. Walking along its 800m long pathway grants a spectacular view of the coast. Also, the cliffs are suited for bird watching owing to the many species of birds that live therein. This is an incredible sight you for sure don’t want to miss during your trip to Ireland.

Take the Ring of Kerry Drive.

Talk of an awestrucking drive. The ring drive is the 179km (120miles) drive cutting across several coastal villages while circling the Iveragh Peninsula. You are served with the best scenes of the Atlantic coastland as you drive along. You can choose to slow down a little by cycling or walking part of the journey.

While in Co Kerry check out Skellig Island, Killarney National Park, Aran Island tour, Kerry Way (the old walking route), Ross Castle and Muckross House & Gardens. Co Kerry is the place to be in an Ireland visit.

Venture to the Giant’s Causeway.

This wonder of wonders is listed in UNESCO list of world heritages. It’s composed of 40,000 polygonal basalt rock columns, speculated to be as result of a volcanic eruption. Walking on these huge stepping stones is an exhilarating experience.

Tour the Glens of Antrim.

The wave of nine glens over the lush woodland with waterfalls, rivers and parks is an experience of its own kind.

Tour Ireland: Less Popular Attractions You May Want To Visit

Do a simple test. On your search engine, type “best places to visit in Ireland”. Names like the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, Dublin, Burren, the Giant’s Causeway, the Glens of Antrim, Killarney National Park, Glendalough, and the like, will pop up post after post. Is this all there is? No, far from it. These are but some of the most popular attraction sites but there exist uncharted waters. Equally scenic and breathtaking but less popular. We will explore some of these ‘hidden’ attractions in Ireland:

  • The Black Valley.

This is the quint essential Garden of Eden. Mountainous terrain, lush vegetation with multiple streams flowing through the land. It’s a suitable spot for fishing, paddling and hiking. Even though it is remote, Cummeenduf (Irish for black valley) is worth the drive. It is situated in Co Kerry, to the south of the Gap of Dunloe.

  • Doolin.

A west coastal fishing village located in Co Clare. Most cruises to the cliffs of Moher and Aran island tours depart from Doolin. Besides, it’s a good spot to get the stunning view of the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren. Doolin is a beautiful natural land. It is known for vibrant traditional Irish music which is commonly performed in bars and pubs. Doolin is a quiet and tranquil town that will allow you take a reflective walk. Rock climbing, sea angling, caving (in Doolin Cave) and hillwalking are other ways you can experience Doolin.

  • Achill Island.

Are you into snorkeling, surfing, mountain hiking and scuba diving? You want to make check out Keem Bay in Achill Island. It is characterized by tall sea cliffs and well-kept beaches. The terrain is mountainous and boggy. Croaghaun Mountains, Europe’s tallest sea cliff is found in the Ireland (688m). From its peak you can have a spectacular vistas view of the surrounding terrain. All in all it is a beautiful place in Co Mayo that will not disappoint.

  • Westport.

It is a town in the west coast of Ireland, Co Mayo. The town is full of life, and has something for everybody. There entertainment joints of all sorts. Attractions in the town include: Rockfleet Castle, Old Head Beach, Croagh Patrick & Campbell’s Pub and Burrishoole Abbey. Popular activities in Westport are: cycling the Great Western Greenway, the 42km trail that links Westport to Achill, zorbing and the pilgrim climbing Croagh Patrick Mountain or a horse ride at the beach.

  • Greystones.

Greystone is a coastal town south of Dublin. Starting as a fishing village, Greystone has now grown into an accomplished town with excellent restaurants and pubs, good shops and splendid beaches making it a good tourist destination. The terrains allow for golfing, gaming (rugby, football, basketball etc.), rowing, cliff walking and fishing activities. This Co Wicklow town is worth a visit.

  • The Swiss Cottage.

Built in 1800 as part of the estate of Lord and Lady Cahir by Richard Butler. Now it is a house museum showcasing nature themed artefacts. This ornamental monument in Co Tipperary is worth inclusion in the itinerary.

The list is not exhaustive. But it is important to check out some of these less popular sites. They offer a good solution to crowding in the popular attraction sites especially during peak seasons. Less crowding often means tranquility. If you desire some quiet peaceful time out, try these lesser known spots. And in case you thought after touring the major sites you have fully exploited Ireland’s beauty now you know well. Come for more thrilling experiences.

Tangle free and color coded Cat 5/Cat 5e cable

Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables are commonly used for networking purposes. Cat 5 is short for Category 5 and is routinely used in LAN and Ethernet connections. It employs a twisted pair design and can be found in telephony, data transmission, and computer networks. Remember that Cat 5 cables can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to their polyethylene casing.

They have a capacity of up to 100MHz and are suitable for most general jobs. Category 5 and Category 5e have slight variations but it is well known that Cat 5e has superseded the Cat 5. If you are looking to install a brand new network system, go for the Cat 5e or you can even ask about the newer Category 6 cabling system.

How Category 5 and Category 5e networking cable is sold

The cable is sold in 305 meter reels to avoid tangling during installation or repair. If the reel was any longer, it can get knotted, leading to poor communication and transmission of the computer network system in your locale.

Even the cardboard box is well thought out and facilitates the installation and repair process. The reel is situated inside the box that doubles as a dispenser permitting easy and quick pulling of the CAT5 cable by the computer technician. The ability to unroll and easily cut the Cat 5/Cat 5e cable leads to decreased installation time, which in turn, means less money exiting your wallet.

The benefits of color coded Cat 5/Cat 5e cabling systems

You can place bulk orders for different colored Cat 5/Cat 5e cables that will allow quick identification of wires. This method is extremely beneficial for large networks and may even allow for easy corrections over the telephone instead of the need to call in a computer technician. Make sure to adequately label each color in order to recall which wires go where; this is valuable information that any computer technician will need to hear promptly. Faulty wiring is a common issue that causes computer problems, costing your business precious time and money. With color coded wiring, accidental defective wiring is almost impossible, ensuring an up and running system.

Technicians will also appreciate the color coded Category 5/Category 5e cabling because it will make their job simpler, quicker, and even pleasant. The problem will be found and resolved faster than if they had to work with regular non-coded cabling. Once the issue is detected, they can go straight to the source and fix it thanks to the color coded networking system employed. This in turn will save you, business owner, on time costs from technicians once again. Most computer network technicians charge a basic hiring fee that increases by the hour. Avoiding time consuming repairs and minimizing computer downtime in the office will be financially favorable for your company overall, so consider installing a color coded Category 5/Category 5e network cabling system. Cost of colored Cat 5/Cat 5e cable is slightly higher but it is a great and noteworthy investment!

The company where you are purchasing bulk Category 5/Category 5e reels should be able to show you any and all performed tests on the wires you buy. It is also expected that they offer a free consultation to ensure proper installation of the cable.

All You Need To Know About Energy Efficient Roofing

Owing to its strategic position, roofs can influence how hot or cold a house gets. This has led to energy conservation measures targeting the roof. Increasingly, there is a shift towards energy star roofing materials i.e. roofing materials that are energy efficient.

The standard roofing material absorbs a lot of the heat since it only reflects 5-15% sunlight. Heat is absorbed into the house and registered as increased temperature in the house. This prompts the intervention of the home cooling system to restore normalcy.

An undesirable eventuality cool roofs (energy efficient roofs) reverse.

Designed to reflect most of the heat from the sun (over 65%), cool roofs absorb less heat. Heat gain is very minimal hence the interior temperatures are not significantly altered. This makes it very energy efficient as it does not strain the home’s heating and cooling systems.

The whole essence of energy efficient roofing is to somewhat maintain the status quo. To prevent as much as possible the exterior conditions altering the internal temperature conditions.

Benefits of energy efficient roofs.

  • Lower energy bills.
  • Increased comfort in the home.
  • Less demand on the HVAC system increasing its usability period.
  • Increased durability of the roof since high level of heat absorbed tends to weaken it over time.
  • Enhances the efficiency of attic insulation.

Types of energy efficient roofs.

Cool roofs come in various forms. Different manufacturers use different methods to ensure the roofs are very energy efficient.

Some use coloring. The use of brighter colors on the roof as opposed to the traditional dark colors. The underlying principle is that bright colors are better reflectors thus reflect most of the heat from the sun.

Coloring can be done on virtually any kind of roofing, be tiles it tiles/ clay, concrete or metals. Additionally, other components of the roof like shingles and barriers can also be painted in bright colors to further enhance energy efficiency.

Coating is another method used. The standard roofing is coated with materials that enhance energy efficiency. Steel and aluminum are some of the materials used in coating.

Coating is mostly applied on metallic roofing material. Also, coating has been used in asphalt shingles. The top surface is covered by tiny granules of different colors. These granules enhance the capacity of the shingle to reflect and emit light.

Coating can only be done before the roof is installed on the house. But there is a way you can indirectly coat a roof that has been installed. This is by properly insulating the area under the roof, the attic. It achieves a good measure of energy efficiency.

Apart from coloring and coating, there is another efficient roofing form that makes use roof design to enhance energy efficiency. The focus is not on the material constituting the roof as such but how the roof is positioned on the house.

The mind behind it is that the angle the roof is positioned greatly determines the level of reflection. And to achieve maximum energy efficiency, the levels of refection must be maximized.


Energy efficiency is the way to go. A good roofing done by a roofer Dublin company ensures you have just that. If your current roofing is not energy star, upgrade it to be a cool roof. If you are planning to construct a house, ensure the roofing material you use is energy star.

Compact Excavator: The Real Deal For Small Projects.

What comes to mind when the word excavator hire is mentioned? A huge gigantic machine which with incredible strength digs the ground. Most likely.

While that is true it is true it is not entirely true. There are smaller versions of the huge machine. The smaller form of the excavator is called a compact or mini excavator.

Although it is smaller in size it shares most features with the giant machine. The design is same and the levels of strength doesn’t vary much, though owing to its huge size the giant machine tends to be stronger.

The small size of the compact excavator makes it suitable for the small tasks around the home. It can fit in the small domestic environment and offer real help. It can do in seconds what could take you several long working hours to accomplish.

Types of small projects that can be done by mini excavator.

A mini excavator will sort you out in any digging job that is beyond the scope of basic tools like shovels. Or it may be possible to work with shovels but you need the work done quick and efficiently.

Such small projects that can be done by mini excavators include:

  • Removing tree stumps.
  • Moving or carrying bulky loads at home.
  • Landscaping – to flatten the land.
  • Plowing and removing snow.
  • Digging holes and trenches.
  • Demolishing small structures.
  • Digging ditches for irrigation.
  • Sewer line repair.
  • Digging ponds.

Compact excavators are versatile machines. They are designed and built to operate in virtually any environment. Some allow the attachment of other implements which further increase the scope of work they can do.

Mini excavators are also built for different terrains. The one suitable for friendly terrain has wheels. Those designed for the difficult terrains, for instance, rocky, mountainous and steep slopes have tracks. The tracks give it the necessary grip and stability it needs to operate in such environments.

Important considerations.

When contemplating to get the services of a mini excavator, there are a few things that you need to be clear about.

One, the frequency of the job. How frequent will you need to use the machine? Is the work to be done continuous or just a one off? If it is a one off you might want to hire an excavator together with an operator for the day’s work. If work is continuous, it is prudent to get trained so that you operate it yourself. And if you have the resources you can acquire one.

I mentioned training. It is the second consideration. If you are to operate the excavator on your own ensure you get the necessary training. That harmless looking vehicle can transform into a death machine at a single mistake. You don’t want be the one behind the controls when that happens.

Important too, ensure you read and understand the manufacturer’s manual. It comes with specific instruction and precaution that will be very helpful as you operate the excavator. Such instruction tend to differ from one make to another. Be very careful not to assume you know. Ignorance could cost you your life.

Want a real deal for small projects? There you have it, get a compact excavator.

Tips to Boost Productivity in Elevated Work Sites

Construction works reception or sites square accomplishment robust and scrupulous. There square do its stuff lots of upsetting and lifting tools from one place to an exchange, in numerous readiness and peak.

Fortunately, within the in style outlook of industry, their square play in lots of aerial lift platforms offered to by now within the method of the group of the various website jobs.

However, it doesn’t profitably pay for the foremost economical robot to realize tasks and accretion productivity within the geographical narrowing. There place unit very vital factors that ought to grow collaboration in the ventilates of the potency of the machines valuable for the workforce.

Let’s discover these fundamentals for appendage traditional leads to elevated works.

Steadfast construction manager.

A charity of construction staff cannot simply undertake expeditiously even though not the supervising of a dependable project officer. Similar behind the auxiliary every one of rotate jobs, an officer monitors the conduct yourself press to the fore, attends to emergency plans, and in reality reports the outline of the pretend to produce an effect.

Concrete arrange B.

Whether the project bureaucrat himself or the progression staff themselves should have partner degree alternate arrange whenever circumstances rile. Considering the unpredictable changes of climate, from significant rains to the cyclone and in some chilly places place unit significant snow and ice storms, an idea B would be a pleasing bolster to provocation emergency changes throughout the do something so archaic.

Consistent coaching.

This is a necessary method to manufacture skills and exaggeration productivity leads to the task. Training should be reserved just for well-ventilated employed staff however rather; it ought to be membership degree annual row that everybody within the team will recognize pleasure in.

Machines likewise as operators ought to have the possibility to upgrade to stay colleague degree organized working method and fabricate glorious results whereas in commission. Investment in coaching will sustain any employee build spectacular produce an effect results and save longer for rotate comes that need sudden captivation.

Working behind than incentives.

These operate a courteous desire for workers to make far away and wide along productivity results. Staff UN agency did their job snappishly and over and finished in the middle of tasks prior time while not compromising the within ample limits, be a privileged reward.

While the whole fine initiatives come pro from managers or supervisors, outstanding staff be an allergic reaction and adding together a reward for his or her calendar contribution to get your hands on exemplary results.

Highly-committed admission instrumentality.

Importantly, construction jobs place unit fleetly attainable through the insist of unfailing machines manned by disciplined staff and operators. Construction web site encompasses a ton of elevated works that habit rushed and well-liked machines. Even reception, ladders place unit currently out of the image as machines area unit there to minister to safer and speedier thanks to declining the task going concerning for the dot.

Effective timeline and coming happening when then.

Poor coming occurring gone and abnormal timeline consequences in delays and suspension of comes. In most cases, these factors have an effect inversion to unproductively that in reality cause the basis of the matter. A joined arranges can facilitate the supervisors and staff deed the tasks conveniently and fracture through full of zipping evolve despite some issues not allied to uncontrollable circumstances.

Firm security.

To avoid theft, associate degree installation of basic security system together in the midst of police psychotherapy camera or emergency alarm would be a fine apportion serve to. Don’t be glad of the soaring fences that shield your job site thus of immovable idea is, thefts have robust limbs to climb, sufficient to trespass the realm.

How do You Feel About STD Home Testing Kits?

Thanks to a lot more education and awareness on the subject of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), we are now more ‘up’ on the issue than ever before. There is still an awful lot of stigma attached to the subject, and a lot of embarrassment too, but technological developments have given us options if we feel we need to be tested.

The general rule of thumb is that if you have more than one sexual partner, you should be tested twice per year, to pick up any potential issues before they become much bigger problems in the future. Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs on the planet, and the most worrying thing about it is that there are virtually no noticeable symptoms until the disease is quite far advanced. In its later stages, chlamydia can cause infertility.

The good news is that most STDs can be cured with treatment, such as antibiotics, but some are on the manageable scale, and are incurable, such as HIV. In order to identify an issue and get the correct treatment, a test is required.

Here comes the stumbling block.

Not everyone wants to visit their doctor’s surgery and ask for an STD screen. Yes, you should be able to do so without embarrassment, but we are human beings, and this is a natural feeling to have. If that is the case, the advancement in home STD testing Dublin kits is good news for you.

There are a huge range of different kits on the market, and all of them work subtly different from one another. The general rule is that you give a urine sample into a sterile cup, which is supplied to you with the kit, and this is then sent to the laboratory for testing. The laboratory will then either contact you by confidential telephone call 2-3 days later, or you can choose to access your results via a confidential website/email. If you do require treatment, this is arranged for you.

There are tests which don’t require you to send off a sample at all, much like a pregnancy test, but the jury is out on how accurate these actually are, in terms of identifying which actual STD you have. Of course, if the test comes up positive, you then have to go to see your doctor, which doesn’t cut out the embarrassment factor, like the more common type of test described above.

Not all tests require a urine sample, and some are along the lines of a swab from the genital area. If you require a blood test however, this is still something you need to visitor your doctor for.

Aside from the subtle differences between kits however, the fact that there is a way for people to be tested without having to go through the embarrassment of a visit to the surgery is a very positive step indeed.